Come connect with a tribe of friends, enjoy performances by artists like Ginger Doss, take part in drumming, revel in nightly drum circles, dancing around the fire late into the night, fire spinning, communication and classes on connection with Lily Arrington, yoga, alternative medicine, spirit, and dance classes by amazing regional and national teachers. Shed tears of joy and catharsis. Soak in the hot tub. Smile and smile and smile some more. October 12th to the 15th..

"Reunion" can help put aside that nagging voice in our heads that says who are you to do this, to be loved by this person, to be seen, to be beautiful, to have this job, to start this business, to teach, to have a voice, to sing, to dance, to speak and to be heard, to live our dreams fully and without apology… 

Flow Arts, Fire Spining, Dancing and Drum all flowing together in a mediation of love, learning, personal exploration and art.

Come to Reunion and find your connection to the light within, to your heart, to the joyful spirits of other seekers, to the good life you seek, to join in amazing classes and experiences that will remove the masks and cloaks that keep you from your truth and the life you want to lead, to voice the plea that you speak in silence..

Register today for an awesome experience.  October 12th to the 15th.. This is for you, why keep your life waiting when you can reunite with your spirit, your heart.

Tom & Jessa